Stilo ST5 8860

Stilo ST5F N Zero FIA8860 Carbon (Formula Car) View larger

Stilo ST5F N Zero FIA8860 Carbon (Formula Car)


The Stilo ST5F N Zero 8860 Helmet Is One Of the Lightest Formula Car FIA8860 Helmets In The World. Naked indicates no side ports and the Zero identifies no clear coat on the carbon, making this helmet not only lighter, but the most menacing helmet on the grid.

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Stilo ST5F N Zero FIA8860 Carbon (Formula Car)

  • Lighter weight compared to previous Stilo ST4 models – up to size 59 in the small shell!
  • Now available in 3XL (64) in addition to 2XL sizing (composite versions as well as carbon)
  • All Stilo ST5 models share the same eyeport, so shields are now interchangeable across all ST5 helmets.
  • Greatly improved ventilation: Now with 8 ventilation holes for improved cooling with Top Air systems – 6 in and 2 out
  • Narrower by almost ½” and even lower profile than the ST4
  • New & improved visor: only two screws and a center “squeeze to unlock" latch system
  • Newly deisnged cheek pads are more contoured and comfortable than any previous Stilo helmet 

The modular design of the ST5F N Zero means that it can be outfitted with electronics, air supply or hydration systems (as well as any combination of the three), with no wires or hoses hanging from the helmet as it all integrates within the helmet shell.


Lightweight and strong, with the flexibility to work seamlessly with your onboard systems – the Stilo ST5F N Zero 8860 is a great choice for any racer who yearns for enhanced visibility without compromises. Check out the additional features of ST5F N Zero GT below:

  • FIA 8860-2010 and Snell 2015 Certified
  • Carbon Fiber high-title, Molded in Autoclave
  • Stilo has two separate shell sizes for this helmet. This allows them to make a better-fitting helmet that is lighter weight. Instead of filling a very large shell with lots of padding for a size small, we have one shell size for extra small to medium, and one for large and extra large.

Weight (including intercom, does not include HANS post anchors):

  • Small Shell: 1220 Grams / 2.78 lbs
  • Large Shell: 1270 Grams / 2.86 lbs
  • Stilo ZERO shells are the lightest FIA 8860-2010 helmets available.

ST5F N Zero 8860 Helmet Kit Includes:

  • HANS posts are included with the ST5F N Zero 8860 helmet.
  • Your choice of Integrated Speakers (Rally Electronics) or Ear Bud Speakers with noise-cancelling microphone
  • Choice of aero OR forced air configuration
  • Helmet Bag
  • 1 Visor Tearoff Kit
  • 2 Extra Visors of your choosing

The ZERO helmets are the lightest 8860 helmets available anywhere in the world, thanks to the new shell made from a specific quality of Carbon. These helmets are homologated to FIA 8860-2010 and Snell 2015 regulations.

The ST5F N  Zero 8860 helmet is aimed at professional racers needing to satisfy the strict FIA 8860 regulation, or any race driver serious about helmet safety. This certification provides an unparalleled level of puncture protection as well as impact resistance. Nowhere will you find a safer helmet. 

After placing your order, a DiscoveryParts account manager will contact you so we can set up this helmet exactly the way you want. Some of these options can be installed in multiple locations and we want you to have the perfect helmet the first time.

All Stilo shields are treated with an anti-fog treatment and they do require special care. The best result we have by far is the Stilo Visor cleaner. Liberally spray the outside of the visor with the cleaner, and wipe in a single swipe with a micro fiber towel until clean and dry.  If fingerprints or dirt remain, repeat as needed. A back and forth wiping motion will tend to leave lint from the rag on the visor, so the single pass works best. Repeat if necessary, but usually one pass works great.

Do not use Windex or any glass cleaner containing ammonia, as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor, and the anti-fog coating on the inside of the visor. 

Stilo Helmet Sizing:

Measure your head around the widest part of your head. This is generally right above your eyebrows and ears. If you plan on wearing a Balaclava (we suggest it), you should measure your head with it on.

We have significantly better results with a flexible tape measure, but if one is not available you can use a string to measure your head, and then transfer that to your measuring device.

Then reference the chart below to find which helmet size you should use. If you fall between sizes (IE if your head measures 56.5 cm) we would recommend using the smaller size.

We have found that customers who had previously worn a 59cm (Large) ST4 helmet are most comfortable in a 60cm (Large Plus) which utilizes the larger shell size.

There are many things we can do to adjust your helmet fit. Obviously the best thing is to come into our show room and try on the helmets, but many times, that is just not possible. One of the great things about Stilo helmets is the adjustability with helmet padding. Crown padding, Cheek padding and different ear muff sizes are all available. Please contact a DiscoveryParts helmet expert at 888-748-7223.

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