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Stilo Replacement Cheek Pad Set for ST4


For All ST4F & ST4W Helmets. Stilo Replacement Cheek Pad Set Helps You Adjust your helmet fit. There is not a better way to bring new life to your Stilo Full Face helmet.

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Stilo Replacement Cheek Pad Set for ST4F & ST4W

The best way to make your Stilo helmet feel new again is to get a new set of Stilo Cheek Pads. Have you lost weight or want to snug up the cheeks on your Stilo ST4F or ST4W? This is how you do it. The most popular way to adjust helmet fit is with cheek pads. This ability is not unique to Stilo. However, the design of the cheek pads is unique to stilo. The EPS cheek pads offer increased protection in lateral crashes, and are available in four different thicknesses for a perfect fitting helmet. 

These cheek pads fit both the ST4W and ST4F series helmets

Stilo Replacement Cheek Pad Set for ST4 Details:

  • Manufacturer: Stilo
  • Manufacturer part numbers:YA0661-XX
  • 20mm: YA0661-20
  • 25mm: YA0661-25
  • 30mm: YA0661-30
  • 33mm: YA0661-33
  • 35mm: YA0661-35
  • Fits All Stilo ST4 Helmets: Yes
  • Fits Stilo ST5 Helmets: No

What size Stilo Cheek Pads came in your Stilo ST4 when it was new? Use the chart below to get an exact replacement or a thinner or thicker pad set for a perfect fit. 

Stilo Helmet Size / Cheek Pads Size Chart:

  • 55cm / 35mm
  • 57cm / 30mm
  • 59cm / 30mm
  • 60cm / 25mm
  • 61cm / 25mm
  • 63cm / 20mm
  • 64cm / 20mm

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