Sparco Extrema RS-10 FIA 8856-2000 Racing Suit


Four Words: Worlds Lightest Race Suit.

The Extrema RS-10 FIA8856-2000 Racing Suit Is The Only Single Layer Suit In The World to pass the FIA 8858/2000 homologation. 

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Sparco Extrema RS-10 FIA 8856-2000  Racing Suit

Four Words: Worlds Lightest Race Suit.

The Extrema RS-10 FIA8856-2000 Racing Suit is the Only Single Layer Suit in the world to pass the FIA 8858/2000 homologation. 

The Sparco Extrema RS-10 Nomex Racing Suit promises to forever change the way we think of multi-layer racing suits! The Extrema RS-10 introduces the world's first application of the unique "multi-layer" Hocotex fabric. At first glance, this appears to be a basic, single layer suit that couldn't possibly meet the FIA 8856-2000 rating stamped on the collar. This super-thin layer is accomplished through a finely constructed honeycomb structure woven directly into the fabric. This weaving allows for thousands of protective microcapsules over the entire suit. The traditional multi-layer suit is composed of several layers of fabric sandwiched and then quilted together to create a protective layer - each quilt box (about 300 in a standard sized suit) creates a pocket of air that when introduced to heat, expands to insulate and protect the driver. In contrast, the Extrema RS-10 suit contains over 66,000 of these pockets of air, providing not only light weight, but extreme fire protection!

Protection aside, the Extrema RS-10 is far more breathable than the standard racing suit due to its thin, single-layer construction. The fabric is only 0.6 mm thick - compare this to other top-end suits that measure upwards of 1.6 mm. Plus, the lack of quilting greatly increases comfort by reducing the internal seams within the suit. 


  • 10% lighter then the Superleggera suit (size 48 = 700 grams)
  • Up to 300% more breathable then traditional multi-layer racing suits
  • Super thin fabric for class leading comfort. It's like a second skin!
  • Unique honeycomb construction provides 10-12% more heat resistance then traditional constructions
  • Nomex construction

Sparco Extrema RS-10 Racing Suit Sizing

Refer to the chart below to determine your European size. If you fall in between sizes, opt for the larger size, or call a suit expert at DiscoveryParts at 888-748-7223 for assistance.


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