Simpson Hybrid Sport


The Compact Simpson Hybrid Sport  Is The Most Improved Design Yet, giving you both safety and comfort. This device works in all racing seats and with no modification, while giving you the best protection in impacts from all sides. The low top provides faster and easier exits whether you are race dirt or asphalt, drag or off road. 

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Simpson Hybrid Sport

The evolution of the Hybrid Pro Rage technology and design has led the way for the introduction of the high performance Hybrid Sport which promises the racer an improved product, at the same price range as the Pro Rage. The Hybrid Sport is lighter, weighing in at 20% less for the large, including hardware; and the DuPont carbon/polymer construction is sleek, modern and appealing with defined wings for seat belt containment. The sliding tethers and patent pending multi-tether system enhances side to side range of movement and field of vision.

The Simpson Hybrid Sport works with a racing harness only. This does NOT work with a 3 way seat belt. If you need a device that works with a 3 way (factory) style street belt look at the Simpson Hybrid S.

Simpson Hybrid Sport Details:

  • Manufacturer: Simpson
  • Manufacturer part number: HS
  • SFI 38.1 Certified: Yes
  • Composite and Carbon Fiber Constructions
  • Minimalist Design.
  • Compact Size Under 7 Inches
  • If your helmet is currently fitted for a HANS device you can easily upgrade to a Simpson Head/Neck Restraint System that corresponds to the same space and location
  • Engineered by Trevor Ashline with Safety Solutions Technology
  • Works with a racing harness: Yes
  • Works with a 3 way seat belt: No

Simpson Hybrid Sport Features:

  • Available with patent pending multi-tether system to enhance side to side movement
  • DuPont carbon polymer construction
  • Sleek, modern profile with defined wings for seatbelt containment
  • SFI 38.1 Certifiied

Simpson Hybrid Sizing Chart:

Measure Chest Size directly below pectoral muscles, not through center, with driving suit on. If not able to measure with suit on, add approx. 1" to measurement. Measurement should be taken with the tape placed against the driver without any slack or pulling the tape tight. If you are unsure of what size to select please call one of our DiscoveryParts sizing pros. 

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