Schroth Profi III 6 Point Harness


The Profi III-6 By Schroth Has Many Features for Non-Hans wearers. It features the 3" lap  Belt, the T-bar sub strap and 3" shoulder belts. All shoulder and sub points are wrapped in, so you can add almost any end fitting for your specific application. Waist belts are sewn so you do not have the instalation flexability of the Profi II 6 Point harness series.

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Schroth Profi III 6 Point Harness

Many sanctioning bodies are beginning to mandate a 6 point restraint. The Profi III-6 comes with a 3" lap belt, and 3" shoulder belt and a dual sub strap. It features the RFR Rotary Cam lock, and can be specified in many different lap belt configurations.

You can specify Color, Lap Belt End Fitting, and Lap belt adjusting direction. For the sub straps, the end fittings are wrapped in, so you may purchase bolt on kits or wrap them around part of the roll cage. The Shoulders come ready to be wrapped around a roll-bar. Snap or Bolt attachments can be purchased separately.

Because the waist belts have sewn ends, you can not change the adjuster location like in the Profi II 6 Point that has user changeable adjuster location. This is a special application belt set.

 Available in Black, Blue, Red & Silver

  • Ratings: FIA Approved


Schroth Profi III-6 Part Numbers
Black Pull-Down Bolt Waist: SR-41120-6-S
Black Pull-Up Bolt Waist: SR-41134-6-S
Black Pull-Down Down Snap Waist: SR-41110-6-S
Black Pull-Up Snap Waist: SR-41130-6-S
Blue Pull-Down Bolt Waist: SR-41121-6-S
Blue Pull-Up Bolt Waist: SR-41135-6-S
Blue Pull-Down Down Snap Waist: SR-41111-6-S
Blue Pull-Up Snap Waist: SR-41131-6-S
Red Pull-Down Bolt Waist: SR-41122-6-S
Red Pull-Up Bolt Waist: SR-41136-6-S
Red Pull-Down Down Snap Waist: SR-41112-6-S
Red Pull-Up Snap Waist: SR-41132-6-S
Silver Pull-Down Bolt Waist: SR-41129-6-S
Silver Pull-Up Bolt Waist: Special Order
Silver Pull-Down Down Snap Waist: SR:41119-6-S 
Silver Pull-Up Snap Waist: Special Order


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