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Longacre Adjustable Scale Platen Setup Fixture with SideSliders



The Longacre Adjustable Scale Platen Setup Fixture with SideSliders keeps the highest value racecars at the front of the pack. Longacre Adjustable Scale Platen Setup Fixture with SideSliders is a trackside favorite with many teams from ChumpCar to Grand-Am.

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Longacre Adjustable Scale Platen Setup Fixture W/ Sidesliders

New Design Scale Setup Platen

Billet Aluminum Modular Setup Platen

Best regidity for accurate setups.

Scale pad levelers are CNC machined from T6 aluminum billet with a full floor for best pad support. SideSliders™ are included in LF & LR levelers.

  • Modular components are Easy-to-assemble and Easy-to-transport
  • Billet T6 aluminum scale pad levelers with a full floor for the best rigidity & most accurate setups
  • Wheelbase (90" - 110) and track width are fully adjustable
  • 24 swivel adjusting feet pop out for easy storage and transport
  • Spanners are attached to levelers and are flush with the top of the scale pad
  • For low profile 2 1/2" x 15" x 15" pads, wired or wireless

SideSliders™ allow the pads to float effortlessly sideways to relieve any chassis bind caused by camber change. SideSliders™ are installed in the LF & LR levelers.


  • Four Billet Scale Pad Levelers with Pop-Out feet (24 total) and SideSliders™ installed in LF & LR
  • Two adjustable spanners
  • Two ramps
  • Two horizontal locator bars

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