OMP One Evo Formula Race Shoe


A Mid Cut Professional Model, The OMP One Evo Formula Race Boots Are Created From the softest kangaroo leather and a durable multi-layer fireproof fabric. Designed purely for the driver, it has an ultra slim sole for maximum sensitivity with nylon reinforcements to reduce stress. Finished with a traditional lace closure  and Velcro closing strap, ensuring comfort and security. 

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OMP One Evo Formula Race Shoe

Ultralight Hi-Tech super professional shoes. Made in nomex fabric and soft leather for maximum softness and lightness. 

  • Separated ankle strap closure
  • Nomex fabric
  • Thin laces for high sliding and quick lacing
  • Rear bellow
  • New foot support with nylon reinforcement to reduce stress on the foot and provide maximum sensitivity
  • New injected sole for maximum grip and resistance to wear
  • Pivot-like heel design for smooth pedal actuation

Homologation FIA 8856-2000

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