MYLAPS X2 Transponder Car Rechargeable


MyLaps X2 Auto Transponder is Rechargeable and works with all AMB/MyLaps timing systems. Easy to manage subsription levels keep cost low and allow for easily adding more time later. Required for TT and Racing in NASA, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA, and every sanctioned race body. 

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MYLAPS X2 Auto Rechargeable Transponder

This is the new MyLaps X2 transponder for auto racing. To keep the X2 Transponder cost low, MyLaps offers different levels of subscription. Initial purchase includes the stated years of operation (included in the initial cost) and you simply add more years when needed. 

What's in the box

The X2 Racer Pack consists of the brand new X2 Transponder, the X2 RaceKey and everything you need to install and get it working.


X2 Transponder & X2 Transponder Holder
Comes standard as rechargeable, Direct Power upgrade available.

X2 RaceKey
The X2 RaceKey is here to help you manage your subscription and charge your transponder.

X2 RaceKey Mount
The X2 RaceKey Mount comes with the Direct Power upgrade. It helps you mount your RaceKey onto your dashboard and connect it to your X2 Transponder.

Cabling- USB cable
- 12V cable & CAN cable (Direct Power only)

MYLAPS X2 Transponder CAR Rechargable Details:

  • Manufacturer: MYLAPS Sports Timing
  • Usage: Car and Bike
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable
  • Manufacturer Part Numbers:
  • 1 Year: 10R601
  • 2 Year: 10R602

After your subscription expires: you have 1 year ($100), 2 year ($178), and 5 year ($360) option to renew.

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