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Longacre Hot Lap™ Lti™ System



New Hot Lap™ Lti™ System Works By Sending An Invisible IR Signal From the transmitter across the track. When your car passes through the beam, it is picked up by the receiver that is connected to the display, triggering the timing. The display shows your lap times as you race much more accurately than hand held stopwatches. 

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Longacre Hot Lap™ Lti™ System

Drivers - See your lap times as they happen.

You see your times on the track and you can try different driving styles or different lines to get the quickest times. Times are stored and can be recalled once you are back in the pits.


  • 200 Lap Memory with easy recall
  • Times laps between 5 seconds and 5 minutes - reads to 1/100th of a second
  • Lap count shown on display
  • Standard transmitter range 100-120 feet
  • Backlight for night use is standard
  • Displays difference between current lap and last lap AND current lap and fastest lap
  • Red LED flashes when current lap time is the fastest
  • Display runs on internal battery (2032 "coin" battery). Timing is not connected to the car's electronics to avoid "noise." (Backlight uses car's power for illumination only.)
  • Transmitter uses 4 "C" Alkaline batteries
  • All batteries included - ready to use

Display- Mount in car where it can be easily seen (Velcro™ included)

Transmitter- Mount at edge of track

Receiver- Mount in car to "see" transmitter

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