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Longacre Roll-offs with Built-in SideSlider™ - Set of 4



The Longacre Roll-offs with Built-in SideSlider™ - Set of 4 keeps the highest value racecars at the front of the pack. Longacre Roll-offs with Built-in SideSlider™ - Set of 4 is a trackside favorite with many teams from ChumpCar to Grand-Am.

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Longacre Roll-offs with Built-in SideSlider™ - Set of 4


Chassis bind is your enemy if you want accurate, consistent setups. It's most often caused by front wheel camber as you lift the car to put it on scales. When you let it down the front wheels can't move sideways to return to normal position. This causes a chassis bind and affects your wheel weights. It may not be great and it could go unnoticed, but it is there. And it will affect your readings and setups - and how your car handles.

To eliminate this we have built a SideSlider™ into the LFroll-off. This allows the front wheels to move sideways to their normal position. And every change you make is reflected accurately and consistently. You will run your best week after week. And you will have more time to practice since you won't be 'chasing your setup'.

Set includes 4 Roll-offs with screw-in feet and SideSlider™ in LF.

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