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.HANS Device Recertification


Get your Hans device recertified in Dawsonviille GA, (north of Atlanta) while you wait.

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HANS Recertify Form

DiscoveryParts SFI Recertification Form

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HANS Device Recertification

Get your Hans device recertified in Dawsonviille GA, (North of Atlanta). 

HANS Device Recertification Details:

  • Manufacturer: Simpson 
  • Manufacturer part number: I5044
  • SFI Spec: 38.1

DiscoveryParts is certified by Simpson Racing / HANS for all Hans devices that have a SFI 38.1 tag (silver metal foil decal) installed. All HANS SFI 38.1 Devices must be recertified every five years.

DiscoveryParts can accomplish this at our store inside Atlanta Motorsports Park, trackside at one of our events, or by printing the attachment above and mailing us your device. If coming directly to our Dawsonville location with your Hans device, please call to confirm a certified Hans inspection technician is scheduled during the shift you plan on arriving. 

Certification / Re-Certification example: Your device was certified or re-certified in January, 2015 or earlier, it will require recertification by February 1, 2020.

A Hans device passing inspection will result in a new SFI 38.1 conformance sticker punched with the date of re-certification. This device will now will be valid for five years. 

HANS Device Recertification Levels:

  • Level 1: Device Inspection, replace SFI tag $25.00

  • Level 2-QC: Device Inspection, replace SFI tag $25.00, + replace Quick Click Anchor Tether system $20.00
  • Level 2-PA: Device Inspection, replace SFI tag $25.00, + replace Post Anchor Tether system $40.00

  • Level 3-QC: Device Inspection, replace SFI tag $25.00, + replace rubber shoulders $75.00, + Quick Click Anchor Tether $20.00
  • Level 3-PA: Device Inspection, replace SFI tag $25.00, + replace rubber shoulders $75.00, + Post Anchor Tether $40.00

To Recertify Your Device:

  1. Print and fill out out this FORM
  2. Pack your device and the complete printed out form from step 1 then ship it insured and trackable to the address on the form.
  3. We will inspect your device then call you with options for recertification.
  4. Your recertified device will be shipped back to you.
  5. DO NOT PREPAY for any certification. We will contact you with a total for the re-certification. Usually only an SFI label and a tether. 

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