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VP Madditive Octanium Octane Boost 32oz



VP Race Fuels Octane Booster will jump your pump gas up 8 octane points and eliminate pings and knocks from pre-ignition. Get race fuel performance and still have some money in the bank with VP Madditive Octanium octane booster.

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VP Madditive Octanium Octane Boost 32oz

 VP Racing's Madditive Octanium is a race & off-road octane booster, increasing gas octane up to 8 numbers (80 points). It helps to improve throttle response and acceleration and may help reduce or eliminate knocks and pings caused by low-quality fuel. Madditive Octanium is NOT meant for vehicles equipped with O2 sensors or catalytic converters. Use 32 ounces of Madditive Octanium to treat up to 10 gallons of gasoline.

VP Madditive Octanium Details:

  • Manufacturer: VP Racing
  • Manufacturer part number: 2855
  • Size: 32oz
  • Container: Metal sealed can
  • Treats up to 10 Gallons
  • Increase Octane up to 8 numbers

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