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Drive Atlanta Motorsports Park "AMP" as a DiscoveryParts Guest. How do I drive Atlanta Motorsports Park on a member day? Pretty easy, but there are a few things that need to be done first.

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Drive Atlanta Motorsports Part "AMP" as a DiscoveryParts Guest

How do I drive Atlanta Motorsports Park on a member day? Pretty easy, but there are a few things that need to be done first.

Safety: This is our #1 concern. If you can not drive in a safe manner, this is not for you. Like to dive bomb someone in a brake zone, ride their bumper and fill their mirrors through the corners? Once again, this is not for you.

Driver Clothing: Helmets must be SA2010, SA2015, FIA 8858, FIA 8859, or FIA 8860 only. Clothing at a bare minimum, long pants, closed toe shoes and nothing synthetic/rayon/etc. Safety still is #1. If you have a race suit, please wear it. Follow the rule, if you have it on, you will never need it. Will you see a D.E. driver head to toe in a SFI suit, Hans, gloves, race shoes on their test day? Yes. This is the most common track side clothing option. 

Experience: You must have 10+ track days. If "Track Junkie" describes you or you have not tried to move Armco or concrete with your car, then we are getting closer.

Etiquette: You will have a very diverse group of driver skill and vehicles. We may have a pro driver shaking down a Miata and a rookie in a C7 Z06 at the same time. Sometimes many of each at the same time. A point by is MANDATORY and all other common HPDE rules apply. 

Right Seat Passengers: This is done on a case by case basis after evaluating the drivers morning sessions. Right seat passengers must have completed the Motorsports Safety Foundation Level 2 Certification class and have their hard card with them at registration. 

Sound: 98 db is our track limit. We love our neighbors and we want them to love us back. 

Cost Structure:

Cost: $250 per driver per day. Normal hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday/Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm. Lunch is always from 1-2pm. 

How much for 1 driver who brings their Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Koenigsegg CCR, Mayback S600, GT3RSR, Viper ACR, and 1974 Ford Mustang II liftback? $250

How much for 3 drivers who share one Spec E30? $250 x 3 = $750

What days can I drive? Any AMP day that is designated for Diamond, Platinum, Titanium or Tungsten only. Here is the AMP Calendar

How many times can I be a DiscoveryParts Guest? 2 times in 365 days. If you come here on July 4th, you can drive one more time before the next July 4th. This does not count any race or club days. 

What do I need to do next? Download both attachments, fill them both out, keep the vehicle tech form and send your completed AMP Driver Guest form to [email protected] along with your driver resume. We will contact you and finalize your day.

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