DiscoveryParts Torque XXL & XXX-Large SA2015 Helmet


The Torque SA2015 is the "Plus Size" XX-Large and XXX-Large Composite helmet by DiscoveryParts. It is a lightweight, easily rebuildable full face helmet for the most finicky of drivers on any track.

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DiscoveryParts Torque SA2015 Helmet

If you are looking for the ultimate light-weight, economical, full face helmet, you just found it.

This is the "Extended Size" SA2015 helmet you have been looking for. Available in XX-Large & XXX-Large, the DiscoveryParts Torque is a best seller in the non-little guy head department. 

The DiscoveryParts Torque is beautiful and made from lightweight composites. Features include removable cheek and halo padding that is washable and replaceable, M6 anchors built in for neck restraints like Hans / Schroth Flex / Simpson Hybrid and more, lightweight liner, the list goes on and on. 

With the hard to obtain SA2015 rating, the Full Face Torque in lightweight composite construction is ready to master all racing courses.

DiscoveryParts Torque SA2015 Helmet Details:

  • Manufaturer: DiscoveryParts
  • Manufacturer part number: DIS-42570
  • Rating: SA2015
  • Replaceable and cleanable interior: Yes
  • Kevlar Chin Strap: Yes
  • M6 / Hans ready: Yes
  • Color: Gloss White, Matte Black
  • Sizes: XXL - XXX-Large 
  • Interior: Removable and Washable 
  • Shield: Distortion Free .125” Polycarbonate Low Fog Shield

DiscoveryParts Helmets Sizing Chart:

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