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CTEK Multi US 25000 12V Battery Charger



Powerful CTEK Multi US 25000 Battery Chargers Harness Maximum Power for fast charging. These powerful chargers are perfect for your garage/workshop, RV, boat, or, of course, your car to rapidly power up 12V batteries.

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CTEK Multi US 25000 12V Battery Charger

CTEK focuses on simplicity, flexibility, and safety. So, unlike old traditional battery chargers, Multi US 25000 battery chargers offer an 8-step, fully automatic primary switch mode, keeping your batteries at full capacity. And then they switch to pulse mode for optimum long-term storage and maximum service life for your batteries! These smarter-than-the-average chargers are fitted with temperature sensors to adapt the charging voltage to suit the battery temperature and they can analyze the state of your battery for possible recovery. They will not damage electronic systems and are spark-free, short-circuit proof, and protected from reverse polarity connections--now that's a smarter charger! Get a speedy connection to maximum power--get smart with CTEK Multi US 25000 battery chargers.


  • The Charger With Maximum Power
  • Fully automatic – for charging and maintenance
  • Patented desulphation function
  • Weather independent
  • Electronic protection
  • Unique SUPPLY and RECOND mode
  • Designed for safety


Technical Data

  • Input voltage AC: 100-125VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output voltage: Nominal: 12V
  • Efficiency: HIGH 85%
  • Charging voltage: 14.4V, temperature compensated
  • Charging current: 25A max
  • Back current drain: *<2ah per="" month="" li="">
  • Ripple: ** 4%
  • Ambient temperature: 0°F to 120°F, output power is reduced automatically at higher temperatures
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Type of charger: 8 step, fully automatic switch mode with pulse maintenance
  • Type of batteries: 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MFAGMGEL and Ca)
  • Battery capacity: 50-500Ah
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9½ x 5½ x 2½ inches
  • Insulation: IP44 (outdoor use)
  • Weight: 3.2lbs

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