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CTEK Multi US 7002 12V Battery Charger



Well Suited For All-Year Use. The CTEK Multi US 7002 Battery Charger is the ideal charger for everything from your race car, to your tow vehicle, to your shifter kart. Also works on lawn mowers we hear. DiscoveryParts' most used battery charger.

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CTEK Multi US 7002 12V Battery Charger

Thanks to its SUPPLY mode the battery charger provides power even without a battery. The SUPPLY mode is indispensable when changing the battery as you avoid losing complicated program settings. Using RECOND mode, you can correct the acid stratification that often occurs in deeply discharged batteries. The battery thereby has its power restored and has a longer service life.

CTEK battery chargers are perfectly suited for charging all types of lead-acid batteries. A CTEK charger is easy to use. It can be connected for an extended period gently maintained by pulses. The charger is electronic safe, which means you do not normally need to remove the battery from the vehicle when charging. In addition it is reverse polarity protected and short circuit proof. The charger also has spark protection system. CTEK battery chargers are approved for outdoor use.

 Six step, fully automatic switch mode model.
• Charges lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, Gel and AGM) from 14Ah to 225Ah.
• Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance. 
• Supply mode for float maintenance for 100 % state of charge. 
• Charges even drained batteries. 
• Pulse recover of slightly sulphated batteries.
• Four options: 14.4V, 14.7V, 13.6V/Supply and 16V/Boost.
• Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent (85-125V). 
• High efficiency: 85% 
• Delivered with two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals. 
• The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles. 
• Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly.

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