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CoolShirt ProCool R System (Waterless)



The Waterless Cool Shirt ProCool R Delivers Up to a  70°F Drop From Ambient at the lightest possible weight. Do you demand the lightest possible driver cooling system?  The ProCool R is your ultimate choice. 

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Cool Shirt ProCool R System (Waterless) 

The Waterless Cool Shirt ProCool R delivers up to a  70°F drop from ambient at the lightest possible weight. Do you demand the lightest possible driver cooling system? The ProCool R is your ultimate choice. 

The secret is the compact (9" x 9" x 18" long) electronic cooling unit, which requires no ice.Eliminating the ice not only cuts down on weight (the cooler weighs 18 pounds; about 6 pounds less than a small 12-quart system), but it also allows the ProCool R to run for a virtually unlimited time. It is ideal for endurance racing.

Runs on 12v DC power, drawing a maximum of 22.5 amps (25 amp peak at start-up). This system requires an alternator, but remember that the power draw (equivalent to about 1/2 horsepower) only affects acceleration. The weight of a cooler full of ice affects acceleration, braking, and cornering! 

Includes cooler unit with integrated mounting brackets and 4-way wired remote control. Complete the system by adding hoses and theCool Shirt of your choice.

To Quote a famous 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder driver "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

Product Description


1. Liquid flows thru the shirt at approximately 1.5 Lpm

2. 455 Watts maximum cooling. (1552.5 BTU/h)

3. Cools up to 70 degrees below ambient temperature in racing conditions

4. Operates in ambient temperatures as high as 130 degrees F (54.4 C).

  • Placing the unit in an area with the lowest possible ambient temp will help the unit perform at optimal levels.
  • Placing the unit is a very small unventilated space can create a false high ambient condition that will reduce the performance of the unit.

5. Features a high performance micro-compressor designed to military standards. Operates in high vibration environments and in vehicles pulling multiple G forces.

6. Two (2) water pumps:

  • One pump is dedicated to circulating water thru the chiller assembly and tank.
  • The second pump is dedicated to the CoolShirt.
  • Both pumps turn on when the switch on the remote is moved to the ON position.


Remote Controller:Simple and easy-to-use control switch positions – ON/OFF, 100%, 50% or 0% cooling.Controller connected to the main cooling unit via an 8′ cable.


Main Cooling Unit Safety Features:

1. Will not run without water in the tank.

2. Pump to shirt cuts off if the hose is disconnected or kinked , but the unit continues to run and cool water In the tank.

3. Low temp compressor cut off to prevent freeze damage to the HX. Stops cooling at 37 degrees. But the pumps continue to circulate water thru the tank and shirt. Compressor restarts when water temp goes up.

Low temp cut off will probably only come into play during pre-race cool down and desktop demonstrations. It is unlikely it will hit 37 degrees in race conditions.

4. Mounting brackets on the main unit feature four (4) 1/4″ rods that run thru the unit to keep it secured to the mounting tabs in the event of an incident on the race track.

5. When the compressor starts or restarts, there is a safety delay in the operation of the condensing fan; this ensures that all available power goes to the compressor for the 500 millisecond spike in the power draw.


Physical description/specification:

1. Lightweight – Approximately 25 pounds; housing made of carbon fiber/brushed aluminum.

2. Size of main cooling unit :18″ L x 9″ W x 9″ H (457.2mm L x 228.6mm W x 228.6mm H)

3. Operates on 11 to 15 volts DC.

4. Power consumption at 100% heat load is 22.5 amps at 12V DC (270 watts). At start-up, the unit draws 25 amps for 500 milliseconds.

5. Four (4) mounting tabs on the main unit and two (2) on the remote.

6. Automotive-grade wire connectors for incoming power and from the remote to the main unit.



1. Using the supplied wiring, connect the unit to a fused (30 amp) 12 volt DC power source.

2. Secure the remote within reach of the driver using the two (2) mounting brackets.

3. Secure the main unit in a ventilated area using the four (4) mounting brackets.Allow as much clear space as possible for the ventilated side panels and the exhaust fan.

4. Fill the water tank with distilled water. Or, fill with a non-flammable mixture of 75% distilled water and 25% isopropyl alcohol whic will greatly reduce the risk of damage to the water system

5. After the hose is connected and the air is purged out of the shirt, then the water tank should be topped off again. 

Comes with a gallon of proprietary ProCool solution

Engineering type racers, if you have made it this far, this explains in detail how the 445 and 270 watts are determined.

The unit can displace 455 watts of heat energy off of the body through the liquid cooled garment. 

The 270 watts is the actual power consumption that unit uses to cool the water.  The 22.5 amps that the unit uses converts to 270 watts. 

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