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DISCOVERYPARTS PRODUCT DUEL - Entry Level Helmets: A Toss Up between Roux R1-F and the Bell Sport
ROUX R1-F vs. the Bell Sport Roux is a relatively new brand to us here at DiscoveryParts but in the short time we've...
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DISCOVERYPARTS PRODUCT DUEL - Battle of the Balaclavas
DiscoveryParts Product Duel - Battle of the Balaclavas...
on Jul 27, 2017 | by DiscoveryParts_Kiona B. Campbell

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Roux Helmets - The Complete Roux R-1 Composite Helmet Review

Posted on: May 31, 2017 | Author: DiscoveryParts_Kiona B. Campbell | Categories: New Products, Driver

Roux R-1 Composite Helmet In-Depth Review

DiscoveryParts saw the first pre-production versions of Roux helmets almost two years ago. Days, weeks, month and truly years have gone by before we received our first two pallets of final production SA2015 Roux helmets in fiberglass, composite and 2 versions of carbon. Why is there a Roux helmet? There is already another powerful brand that was the originator of the fully featured and customizable auto racing helmet, Stilo.

So why make Roux?