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Tire Pressure - The Most Checked item on Every Race Weekend.

Posted on: Apr 18, 2016 | Author: DiscoveryParts - Cody P | Categories: Trackside

Getting ready for the track is fun and stressful at the same time. Racing has been in my family for generations and passed down to me, first through watching my Grandfather, other Family Members and then my Dad hit the track in the best car they could afford and prepare. Winning 27 Demolition Derbies is not a common bragging right, but that record is held by my very own father. The racing gene is strong and pressed down many generations, but getting ready for the track is still a little stressful. 

Tire Pressure - The Most Checked item on Every Race Weekend.

I can not speak of what everyone before me has felt as they tighten the last ratchet strap and walk away from their car, hopefully the night before, not at 3:30am. ..

The most used tool I use every weekend is my tire pressure gage. I need my tire pressure gage to do a few things every time.

  • Be Accurate
  • Be Durable
  • Be easy to read in the worst of conditions such as pouring rain or a late night qualifier wher I could not park by any light poles
  • Fit my budget, I am self sponsored and in college

   Racing is a substance that once it's in your blood, it's hard to get out. I've been racing since I was four years old and haven't missed a season in seventeen years. I've raced anything I could get my hands on. From dirt ovals, asphalt ovals, shifter karts, autocross, to road racing. If it has wheels I'll drive it, and drive it to the limit.

   Getting ready for the track is fun and stressful at the same time. Racing on a college budget has taught me that every dollar matters. When I buy a tool or part, I need to get my money’s worth out of it. When it comes to setting air pressures in my fifteen inch Hoosier race slicks or my eighteen inch BFG Rival autocross tires, Longacre is the tire gauge I choose. Easy to read in those dark, dirt track pits but accurate enough for Trans Am teams - Longacre tire gauges are perfect for everyone.

   My favorite Longacre tire gauge is the 2.5 inch face 0-60 psi gauge (part# LON52003). The glow-in-dark 2.5 inch face is easy to read in the brightest daylight or at 1:00a.m. in the back of the paddock after that rain delay. The 0-60 analog gauge is detailed enough to get that .5 psi for the perfect pressure at the end of the race, but also to check the trailer tires before the long haul home.

   If money is a factor in your racing program, or maybe you just want the best results, Longacre has many tools and parts to help you get up front and stay there. Racing such a variety of vehicles has taught me to buy tools that cover them all. Longacre is there with many options to fit your racing needs. From my first tire pressure gauge to toe-plates and my caster camber gauge, Longacre delivers products and quality well above their price tag. 

What is my next Longacre purchase? Easy answer - a set of Longacre Scales

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