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Bell BR.1 Side Air Kit 1.25" Nozzle 20° White


This Bell BR.1 Side Air Kit is What You Need to Keep Your Head Cool Under intense driving conditions. This 20 degree white nozzle fits perfectly onto your Bell BR.1 helmet. 

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Bell BR.1 Side Air Kit - Old Style Nozzle, 20°-White 

The Bell BR.1 left side forced air kit contains everything needed to make your Bell BR.1 (SA2010 & SA2015) a true forced air helmet.

To modify your Bell BR.1 helmet for forced air, you remove the left side plate using a #1 Phillips Screwdriver (the small pointy one) and simply replace the non-vented plate with your new forced air piece with 1.25" hose barb. On the right side (inboard side) remove the vented face piece and replace it with the non-vented piece to keep all that forced air inside your helmet to keep youe cool.

This is a complete kit including the left side forced air piece with Old-Style (1.25" Barb), right side block-off plate and new screws. 

Bell BR.1 Side Air Kit with 1.25" Hose Barb Details:

  • Manufacturer: Bell Racing
  • Manufacturer US part number: BR-2029011
  • Manufacturer Global part number: 2070037
  • Color: White
  • Fits left side of helmet: Yes
  • Fits right side of helmet: No
  • Includes color matching color screws: Yes (8)

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