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Bell Forced Air Adaptor QL Nozzle 90°



The Bell Forced Air 90 Degree Adaptor Allows the Use of 1.5" Forced Air hoses with Bell Helmets (all Forced-Air SA2010 Bell helmets come with 1" outlets). Malleable construction is easy to install. 90° design allows for more efficient hose routing in tight spaces.

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Bell Forced Air Adaptor QL Nozzle 90°

Bell's forced air helmets feature the new Quick Lock forced air nozzle that locks the forced air connector in place and allows for easy release when it's time to leave the vehicle. The smaller nozzle design helps accelerate airflow into the helmet with more force. The Quick Lock nozzle can be used with traditional 1.5 inch diameter forced air hoses by using the air adaptor kits that connect the hose with the Bell Quick Lock nozzle.Straight Nozzle Adapter

Bell Forced Air Adaptor QL Nozzle 90° Details:

  • Manufacturer: Bell
  • Manufacturer US part number: BR-2029001
  • Manufacturer Global part number: 2070067
  • Angle: 90°
  • Material: Soft

- BEL2070067 90 Degree Nozzle Adapter - BEL2070067

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