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Schroth AutoControl ASM 3 Point Tuning Harness


The Most Advanced 3 Point Harness Ever Produced. The Schroth AutoControl ASM 3 Point Tuning Harness uses Schroth S.M.A.R.T. (Sensor Modulated Automatic Restraint Technology) to be the most advanced restraint systems today. Safety comes first and you will be ready to be safe and held in your seat during those high-g corners on track.

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Schroth AutoControl ASM 3 Point Tuning Harness

S.M.A.R.T. (Sensor Modulated Automatic Restraint Technology) represents the most advanced design in restraint systems today. The system features a unique 'thinking' electro-sensor which constantly monitors abnormal movement and force inside the vehicle while in motion. During normal driving conditions, the Autocontrol's sensor allows the inertia reel to 'relax', enabling occupants to move more comfortably and freely in their harness belts. But, if the electro-sensor detects rapid acceleration or deceleration, a high G-force turn, quick side movement or inclines over 25 degrees, it will INSTANTLY lock the inertia reel and secure occupants in their seats - the safest possible position in a collision.

SCHROTH's Autocontrol with S.M.A.R.T. is a hi-tech variation of the Rallye 3 harness belt with asm. The system comes complete with all hardware and an easy to follow installation instruction manual.

Note: if you are planning to install the Autocontrol harness belt in a '92-'97 BMW 3 series (E36 chassis), be sure to order one E36 Adapter Bolt for each harness belt. This adapter bolt replaces the factory bolt on the tunnel-side of the seat. It is slightly longer to allow enough additional space to install the SCHROTH harness along with the stock harness. This adapter can be ordered from the the DiscoveryParts Harness Accessories Section.

If the mounting point that you have chosen for your Autocontrol harness belt is under a seat cushion or in a location where the inertia reel cannot be bolted directly you will need to order an Autocontrol Adapter listed in the Street Legal Accessories Section.

If you plan to use your Autocontrol harness belt for Autocrossing or Driver's Schools you should also purchase a Cut-off Switch which will give you the ability to lock the inertia reel so that the harness belt can be fully tightened during an event.

The Autocontrol harness belt is a very effective replacement for old harness belts in the BMW '02 series. It has also become very popular for installation in Sport Utility and Off-Road Vehicles. 

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