Intercomp Shock Pressure Gauge



Intercomp Shock Pressure Gauge with Easy to Read Analog Gauge Head that is marked in psi and BAR. Perfect your set-up with the Intercomp 100675-A Shock Inflator Gauge Kit

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Intercomp Shock Pressure Gauge

Do you know the pressure of the nitrogen in your shocks? If you want to ride with the best, you'll need to have your shocks dialed-in. Thankfully, with Intercomp Racing shock pressure gauges, you can achieve riding euphoria. Intercomp Racing shock pressure gauges utilize a pressure range of 0-300 psi. These gauges are perfect for race cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. Plus, they'll work on any gas-filled shock with a Schrader valve, or needle-style gas chambers with the use of an adapter. The analog gauges feature a liquid-filled gauge face. Their pressure readings are measured in 10 psi or 1 BAR increments. The digital gauges feature a digital display and pressure readings in psi, BAR, kg, and cm2. Their measurements are in 0.5 increments and they arrive with your needle adapter. The next time you charge your shocks, be sure to dial-in your ride characteristics with Intercomp Racing shock pressure gauges

  • Gauge Type: Analog
  • Pressure Range (psi & bar): 0-300, 0-20BAR
  • Intercomp Part Number 100675-A

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