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AiM MyChron EGT Thermocouple Sensor



AiM EGT Sensor with a K-Type (two blade flat yellow) connector. Install this AiM Mychron 3/4/5 EGT Thermocouple 150mm (5.90") from the exhaust port to accurately measure temperatures ranging from 0 to 1832° F (up to 1000°C).  This is the exact replacment sensor sent with all Aim MyChron Kits.

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AiM Mychron 5 & 4 EGT Thermocouple Sensor

The K-type (two blade flat) connector on any MyChron thermocouple requires either a MyChron K-Type to 3 Pin 712 Patch Cable (Part No. AIM-MC-008) for Kart dashes or a MyChron K-Type to 4 pin 712 Patch Cable (Part No. AIM-MC-208) for MyChron3 XG-Log Auto dash. MyChron3 Gold Auto and MyChron3 Plus Auto already use the K-Type connector. For these dashes, or to extend the cable further for other dashes, use the MyChron K-Type Thermocouple Patch Cable (Part No. AIM-MC-203). 

We also stock Replacement M5 Thermocouple Mounting Bung (Part No. AIM-MC-018) to move the thermocouple to a new exhaust pipe. This is a simple add-on to any pipe as you just drill a hole, grind away any paint and weld it in. The preferred location for a thermocouple is 150m, (5.90") from the cylinder head exhaust port of the engine.

AiM Mychron EGT Sensor Details:

  • Manufacturer: Aim
  • Manufacturer part number: AiM-MC-003
  • Pipe end thread: M5
  • Harness end: K-Type (2 blade flat yellow)
  • This has M5 male threads on thermocouple sensor

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