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Get your Race Shoes here. This is an item of apparel used by every driver every weekend. When you first started in this sport of auto racing, your instructor explained the tire contact patch. The tire contact patch, in a corner, will be maybe 4" x 6" in the front and 6" x 8" in the rear. Every modification you have done to your racer comes down...

Get your Race Shoes here. This is an item of apparel used by every driver every weekend. When you first started in this sport of auto racing, your instructor explained the tire contact patch. The tire contact patch, in a corner, will be maybe 4" x 6" in the front and 6" x 8" in the rear. Every modification you have done to your racer comes down to this contact patch - bigger cams, thinner head gasket, ported intake, lightweight body panels and race seat, lexan windows.  The list can continue on and on. Your shoes keep you connected with that contact patch.

Finesse, feel, and comfort are the features we look for in a pair of auto racing shoes.

From straight line braking, transitioning into trail braking, squeezing the accelerator past apex, to all the way down as we track out the edge of the track, clipping the outside rumble strip. The ultimate connection to the contact patch is through many things and a good pair of racing shoes is at the top of that list. 

The experts at DiscoveryParts can assist you with your next racing shoe purchase. A driver just starting in a modified street legal M3 with vacuum assisted brakes would use a different shoe than a Radical SR8 RX with manual brakes and cockpit controlled brake bias. Have a wide foot, narrow heal cup and a small foot box in your car?  Let the experts at DiscoveryParts get you the correct pair of auto racing shoes the first time. 



  • Alpinestars

    Alpinestars Auto Racing Shoes are the innovation of design and performance brought about through years of testing in the Formula 1 racing development program. Those years have led to the implementation of premium materials and features resulting in better breathability, comfort, and performance fit for your winning race session. DiscoveryParts offers a full line of Alpinestars race shoes to suit every racer's needs. Alpinestars auto racing shoes have  FIA/and or SFI certified safety rating. Alpinestars auto racing shoes are seen on every racetrack, every weekend. 

  • G-Force

    G-Force race shoes are constructed from top quality leather and feature a RaceGrip sole manufactured from a high grip rubber compound.  The sole has a low profile bevel that keeps the shoe from catching the pedals.  G-Force race shoes are lined with fire retardant cotton to keep your feet cool in hot racing conditions.  G-Force provides extra comfort by utilizing a RaceGrip innersole with arch support. Choose G-Force for affordable quality. 

  • OMP

    OMP Auto Racing Shoes have been laced on the feet of the world's fastest drivers. OMP Carrera, First S, One Evo, Formula One S, OMP Sport, OMP Technical Evo, and OMP Sport FIA. OMP Race shoes are FIA approved and ready to take on the highest levels of competition worldwide. Trust OMP race boots with their fire-resistant lining, long-wearing but tactile soles, and uncompromised OMP quality to last many race seasons while giving you the feedback you need to succeed. 

  • Piloti

    The word "piloti" means “drivers” in Italian. It’s what they call the fearless racers who have faced Europe’s toughest roads and tracks, and it's the perfect name for a shoe designed to help them conquer fierce conditions, drive better, corner tighter, and get to the finish line first.

    Piloti driving shoes have always been designed for drivers who need a superior quality, high-performing shoe for heel-and-toe and other fancy footwork. What makes our footwear truly passion-worthy is the unique styling and everyday comfort, coupled with the high performance design. Race, ride or stride – Piloti has it all.

    Founded in 1999 by a sport shoe designer and racing enthusiast, the company quickly became a fixture in the car and racing world, gearing some of the world’s highest-profile drivers. Car fanatics and Hollywood celebs have all been big fans of Piloti shoes.  Top racers, including Ron Fellows and Johnny O’Connell, swear by them. They credit the biomechanical technology and extreme comfort with preventing the foot pain that comes with endurance racing – and with extending their careers.


    During the LeMans 24 Hour race, many drivers end up needing medical attention for foot problems caused by heat and vibration. Many racing teams actually keep a podiatrist on staff for that reason. Piloti footwear is designed to prevent this pain and discomfort.  The secret is in the technology.

    Piloti’s patented Roll Control spherical heel extends cushioning up the heel and onto the sides of the lateral right shoe, minimizing contact with the sides of the footwell, and preventing wear and tear on the driver’s feet. The result -- fewer injuries and greater comfort.

    With innovative technology and sleek design that looks great in the car and on the street, our shoes feature:

    • Top-quality suede and leather for superior comfort
    • Patented Roll Control spherical heel cushions and supports
    • Polyurethane/EVA midsole for durability and long-lasting comfort
    • Fire-resistant DuPont® Nomex® lining and thread in all Performance styles
    • Toe spring for all-day comfort and everyday use on the streets
    • Sole tread pattern inspired by vintage racing tires
  • Simpson

    Every pro race series has drivers that lace up a pair of Simpson racing shoes before climbing into their racecar. Look at the paddock, specifically at the longtime racers, and focus on what they are wearing. Also, take a look at that longtime racer and notice which old pair of shoes they keep for back-up on a really rainy or muddy weekend. Even though they have worn thin, it is the pair of race shoes they just can't get rid of - Simpson. Many hard, fought race miles have been put into the record books using those Simpson race shoes so they are kept for a reason. Count on Simpson Racing to provide protection, pedal feel, and the look that every driver needs. 

  • Sparco

    Sparco - The market leader in racing gear.  The Sparco brand revolves around two key components - safety and style.  No products are developed/delivered without respecting these components.  From the Sparco Race Nomex Racing shoe that was developed exclusively for the U.S. market to the Sparco Superleggera SL-92 Race Shoe (boasting a 40% reduction in weight) - the Sparco racing shoe is recognized on every track every weekend. Do you race in a vintage or historical event?  Try Sparco's Classic Racing Shoe - a full leather upper shoe that harkens back to the golden days of racing.  The look may be "vintage" but the performance is anything but.  Innovation- making Sparco synonymous with top performance, reliability, and safety in car racing.

  • Crew Shoes

    What is the difference between a racing shoe and crew shoe? Actually, there are many differences so let's start from the bottom up. The Sole needs to have larger channels/grips for all weather and all surface grip. Also the material needs to be pliable for being on your knees during a lightning fast tire change, but also have the flexibility needed for all day comfort. The sides need to be flexible, but rugged enough to make it through many seasons. Some of our crew shoes also feature lace guards, Nomex, SFI 3.3/5 certification and, of course,have the full width frontal toe guard. 

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Showing 1 - 20 of 38 items