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SPA AFFF Fire System 2.25L Alloy



SPA Technique's 2.25 Liter Single Chamber AFFF Fire Systems offers a simple, lightweight mechanical fire system solution for your race or street car needing 2 discharge nozzles. 

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SPA AFFF Fire System - 2.25 Liter Aluminum

SPA Design AFFF Firefighter System

Specifically designed for use in competition vehicles and offers the latest in on board fire suppression technology. Utilizing SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam), these non-toxic ozone friendly systems give the competitor the same level of protection whether driving Formula 1, WRC, or Sedans.

This mechanical AFFF system includes one pull cable and 2 nozzles for fire protection. Flex tubing and quick connects make these systems much easier to install than older style kits with aluminum lines. 

SPA AFFF Fire System 2.25 Liter Aluminum Bottle Includes:

  • 6-ft pull cable
  • 13-ft Polyethylene-coated Aluminum Decabon Tubing
  • x1 T-fittings
  • x2 Nozzles
  • Extinguisher mounting bracket
  • Instructions

Aluminum Fire Bottle Dimensions (inches):

  • Diameter: 6.32
  • Length: 12.4
  • Rating: FIA # EX.003.98

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