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OMP 29 HSL WEC PRO Enduro Racing Harness



Designed For The Pro Enduro Team Who Wants The Adjusters Outboard Of The Seat. OMP 29 HSL WEC PRO Enduro Racing Harness has  large pull grips for easy adjustment during driver changes in the hot pits.

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OMP 29 HSL WEC PRO Enduro Racing Harness

6 Way, Pull-Up 2" Waist Belts, Hans/NecksGen Shoulder belts, V Style Sub Buckle.

Developed for the FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship) series, the super lightweight and innovative OMP 0029 HSL Racing Harness offers technological and safety benefits to any race car. Through an exclusive licensing agreement, OMP harnesses are the first to feature the innovative new Dyneema material. The ultra-lightweight material offers excellent strength in comparison with standard FIA harnesses, with decreased stretch and deformation in an accident. With a feel that is softer then any other racing harness, the 0029 HSL harness offers supreme comfort - when was the last time we could use "comfort" in the description of a racing harness!

The 0029 HSL WEC harness features a Hans Compatible design with a 2", Pull-Up style lap belt. Large pull-bars are sewn into both the shoulder and lap adjusters, allowing for quick driver changes and secure belt adjustments. A V-style sub-belt helps reduce harness bulk and sits more comfortably with most drivers. The 2" lap belt is ideal for some drivers for improved harness fitment. By sitting on the crest of the pelvis (as opposed to riding on the edges), the 2" belt can allow for a tighter fitment, improving safety. Larger drivers may also find greater comfort with a slimmer belt as the belt can rest more comfortably on the pelvis.


  • 3"/2" shoulder strap 
  • 2" pull-up lap strap 
  • 2" v-plate crotch strap 
  • Worldwide Exclusive! 
  • Homologation FIA 8853/98 
  • Saloon - 6 Points 
  • Hans® /NecksGen 

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