OMP 806 HSLEF Enduro Racing Harness


Designed For Every Driver Of Your Enduro team. OMP 806 HSLEF Enduro Racing Harness has waist adjusters located next to the buckle. There is not an easier way to save 8 seconds in a driver change than with this Hans compatible Enduro Harness.

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Availability date: 01/01/2050


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OMP 806 HSLEF Enduro Racing Harness 

6 Way, Hans/NecksGen Shoulder belts, Pull-Down 2" Waist Belts, T-Bar sub belts

FIA Valid through 2022

Enduro and smaller/very fit drivers this is for you. Are you a very fit racer?

Do your waist belt adjusters get caught between you and your seat? No longer a problem by moving the waist adjusters next to the camlock buckle. 

The super light-weight pro-level OMP 806 HSLEF Racing Harness features a Hans Compatible design with a 2" lap belt. The innovative design of the lap belt combines the camlock tab and belt adjuster into one compact unit. This locks the adjuster into one location on the belt making for quick and easy adjustments. Perfect for endurance events and driving schools, the 806 HSLEF is also ideal for cars with small cockpits that typically suffer from frustrating harness adjustments. The shoulder straps feature intercom holders and loops for surgical tubing/rubber bands (for quick driver swaps).

A 2" lap belt is ideal for some drivers for improved harness fitment. By sitting on the crest of the pelvis (as opposed to riding on the edges), the 2" belt can allow for a tighter fitment, improving safety. Larger drivers may also find greater comfort with a slimmer belt as the belt can rest more comfortably on the pelvis. 

OMP Enduro Harness Details:

  • Manufacturer: OMP
  • Manufacturer part number: DA806HSLEF
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red
  • Harness mount points: 6
  • Spring loaded adjusters on shoulder belts: Yes
  • Spring loaded adjusters on waist belts: Yes
  • Shoulder belt size: 3" - 2" 
  • Waist belt size: 2"
  • Sub belt size: 2"
  • Eyebolts & Snap-ends included: Yes (6)
  • FIA Approved 8853-98 
  • Valid through: 2022

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