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Spec Miata clear naca duct SPA-D102C
Spec Miata clear naca duct SPA-D102C

Specialy sized clear naca duct can be trimmed to fit perfect in the vent window area to provide additional cooling air to the driver and driver compartment. Handle the long enduro's with less fatigue as you stay cooler.

The NACA duct or NACA scoop is a common form of low-drag intake design, originally developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (the precursor to NASA) in 1945. When properly implemented, it allows air to be drawn into an internal duct, often for cooling purposes, with a minimal disturbance to the flow. The design was originally called a "submerged inlet," since it consists of a shallow ramp with curved walls recessed into the exposed surface of a streamlined body, such as an aircraft. It is especially favored in racing car design.

$ 19.99



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